So,I had a guy from my past come back into my life in March. He is very good looking,, we had an unreal connection, and had everything in common. His name was Jim. I got his sisters number, I text her. She told me no offense but I won’t be able to get close to you, I told her I would prove it to them. I loved him, and he loved me. We had a future planned.I knew he in the past had a rehab history with alcohol, and within 2 weeks of us “getting” back together, here I was dropping him at a 2 weeks rehab. We talked every night, he said he talked about things from when he was a Marine. I was very supportive, knowing that when you get the things out that you have held in for so long, that it can help heal the inside. I, in my core felt wow, he is really making strides here! We talked every night, he cried how much he missed me, and how he couldn’t do this without me by his side. After 2 weeks, I picked him up to come home. Unfortunately I had to leave town for 5 days for Advanced Mediumship training. He assured me that he would be fine. He had meetings he was going to attend, as going to the beach with some guys from rehab, so I felt ok leaving him. While I was away, we talked a few times a day. One day, I swore I heard a girl in the background asking my dog to jump up, I shocked asked him, who was that calling the puppy up? He made excuses and said he was watching a certain movie. I am very close to the counsler that he saw before he left for rehab. She told me Cari, I know it will be difficult to trust, but you have to trust him. Being a medium, I am extremely open minded, so I jumped in with both feet.

                             I came home from an amazing week of advanced training with internationally known medium Tony Stockwell, it was hands down one of the best weeks of my life. It changed the way I read, we were challenged,critiqued, and I met 67 other amazing mediums from all over the world. The night I got home I felt like I was high from my energy being in such a higher rhelm for 5 days. The next day, I was back to my normal. Before he picked me up that night, he got his things from his ex. Everything was in my living room. I urged him to get everything from his ex. There were some things she put in with his things. The dress she married him in, ripped pictures, letters. Honestly, these looked like they were deliberately placed, and I really believed him when he told me that she was jealous, and neurotic. The  things he  told me, and she and I had a few mutual friends and they confirmed some things he has said albout her, so I thought that it was just toxic, and that he was out of it, and not looking back. Hind sight, I have spoken and apologized to his ex, I know clearly see it was him that did things to upset, hurt, and cause of anxiety.So forward we go.

                             We settled into a pattern. Times weren’t exactly easy. I knew he had a strong work ethic, I heard him on the phone with employers, he went on interviews. I work part time about 50 miles away, we would do what we had to do, even if that meant dropping me off at work to use my car duting the day. It was ok actually, he had a great voice and I liked hearing him sing In the car. There were two things that I didn’t like however. He always kept his phone face down. ( I guessed it was because his ex looked at his phone.) the other thing was, every night he fell asleep on the couch. I figured it was because he had no job, and he was rewatching a series we both enjoyed. The entire time together, we slept in the same bed 4 times. When he was drinking he said that after he got home he was not sleeping on the couch because of the alcohol memories. So, I was a tad confused. I’m a secure person and happy with myself, I was trusting him. He was such a smooth talker, and so attentive and loving toward me, here comes the BUT….my gut intuition said that something was off. I didn’t ignore it, I was just trying to put a finger on exactly what it was. And I now know, I had no fucking clue to reality of this persons craziness!!!

                        At first when he went to meetings he would get home about 20 minutes after he said they ended. After a few weeks he started staying out later. I had mentioned that I would like to meet his sponsor, and he said that was cool. He said he stayed longer, because there were people that needed to talk afterwards. I mean they are in recovery, they still have lives and things happen that needed to be talked about, and he understood. I am very empathetic, so I understood. I too have many that seek out my advice, we were alike in that sense, or so I was lead to believe. Now anyone that is a medium. Empath, or sensitive knows what I’m going to say. Mercury was also in retrograde. Every time it is in retrograde, I have changes deep in more core occur, changes in my abilities as a medium always strengthen and change during retrograde.I had anxiety so bad, that is was vibrating my chest. No meds Or meditations were helping. I had read an article that some were experiencing a “spiritual flu”. I had all the symptoms, so I assumed that what I was feeling was the residual affects rom Mercury. To me it made sense, but I hates the fact that I couldn’t put a finger on exactly why it was as bad as it had ever been. I now know it was my guides, Pay Attention To a your Gut Cari.

                      Whether it is a small ping in your gut, or a major feeling, I will never ever go against it again.   Anyhow, I came home on a Tuesday night and there were 3 empty vodka bottles. My heart sank because I knew once that liquor hit him, he doesn’t know how or when to stop. I went out looking for him, to see if he went to get more alcohol. I then come home go in the bedroom and notice there were a few shirts, shorts, and a few other items that were gone. He left, he is a coward because he couldn’t tell me this to my face. I now know this is what he does. I recalled his old phone was in my car, I charged it and within 5 minutes I knew where he was. He started trying to find other women and men on facebook and Craigslist. It is crazy that after looking on Craigslist, I don’t think seeing certain things would be offensive to me anymore. I was pissed!! He used me. He took a girl to the beach the day Suter he got home from rehab. He posted the close encounters on Craig’s list while I was gone. The girl he left me for spent time at my place!The next day I spoke with one of his family members. He always talked about being a Marine, told stories and cried. When I heard the well you know he was never in the marines from this person, I realized the magnitude of how crazy he really was! The stories he told as his own were his friend who passed of alcoholism from ptsd. Who does that? Lie about being a Marine. I found out he had been talking to countless women and men. He left me for someone and was with her for 2 weeks. I even knew it would be only a few weeks until he left her I got a call from her a day shy of two weeks asking if I picked him up.

                             In the month since he left, he has been with 4 women. He is obviously running from his crazy mind, it catches him and off to the next. Never in a million years did I think I wiould have a fricking lifetime movie of the week situation. I didn’t go into detail with all that he did. I know I was part of his karma, and I am sure I saved a few girls from his wrath. Honestly, he likes men. He can’t admit that for fear of rejection. You can’t hide from your truth. It always catches you. So he will continue to go from victim to victim. Why did I write this? Because I had to. I had to let the world know that James Austin is the biggest pos to walk this earth. And I also know there is a reason I and the few girls from his past went thru the exact same things. I’m thankful they are there, they understand it all. Being a sensitive part of me feels sorry for him. Ultimately,I need to forgive him. I will, it is easier everyday. So please, never ignore a gut feeling !!! If you have concern follow thru with it.


                                                    . Join under me, send me an email, and I will send you a few completely free minutes to chat. After the free minutes it is only 2.99$ per minute. Love, life, any questions you have, I’m here. Or I can connect you with your lost loved ones. Look forward to meeting you.

Since I was small I knew things. I don’t know how I knew things, like who was calling, the next song to play on the radio, how full a soda can was just by looking at it. The list could go on. I thought everyone else was the same way, and it wasn’t until I turned 30 that I realized that is not the case. I am by no means saying I am better than anyone else by writing this statement, I’m saying it because it is me and my life.
My senior year changed dramatically because I had 6 friends commit suicide in 5 months. It was the hardest year of my and many others lives, I still to this day can not give an explanation as to why god chose us to go through this and what lesson we were to learn as a group. I dreamt of everyone of the suicides, except in the dreams it was a totally unrelated person, but I knew the time and the method of how their lives would end. This scared the living day lights out of me. Many of us attended a youth group, and I went to one of the pastors of the group and voiced my dreams to him. He told me sweetheart you have a gift, but sometimes bad can come through before the good. I shook my head, walked away and thought if this is a gift, I want NO parts of this what so ever! I didn’t mention this to anyone else during this time mainly because I didn’t want anyone to tell me that I was crazy and my mind was tricking me. So I held it in. Graduation came and went, and we all moved on to the next chapter of our lives.
Seven years went by with no real odd things happening. What I didn’t mention earlier is that I always heard my name when i was small, and things happened that I couldn’t explain, but just shrugged it off. My grandmother passed when I was 11. This was very hard for me and at that age I took it personally. I couldn’t talk about her, visit her grave, or anything without crying. I missed her more than words. So like I said about 7 years after graduation I fell asleep crying on the anniversary of her death. That night I saw her in a dream ( I say dream for I didn’t know any other way to describe it.) She told me she was sorry, that it was her time and she was around me all the time, and said many things that confirmed it was in my now and not my past. I woke up and had a feeling of peace that no one on this earth can give me. I thought back to this gift comment and said to my roommate at the time that maybe this is what he meant. I felt closure, peace and felt her love so strongly . I have not mourned for her since. I have seen her in more dreams since , we really just talk and catch up.
Since that night my life has changed so much. I am happy and thankful that god chose me to deliver messages to people from their passed loved ones. It has taken alot for me to get here, but the feeling I get when I can give someone that is hurting from the loss of a loved one closure. I cry with them, I am always in a state of awe that I can do this. To see the smile that they give me after the messages are delivered adds to the feeling of peace. This is what I am here to do, my life path. To help however, and whenever I can. I also know other things psychic wise. But connecting loved ones comes first. And yes some people don’t believe. I have seen some minds change with messages that they know I had no access to. This journey continues to change and evolve daily, and I have met some amazing kindred spirits along the way. Thank you to those individuals that have helped me, helped me believe in me. You all mean more to me than I could ever say. I am excited everyday at what will come next. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day:)

Hi, I’m Cari. I am new to blogging but I always have so much on my mind, and wondered what type of outlet other than the other social networking sites to be open, be just me and tell my story. I am a hairstylist by trade, and well yes I have many funny, sad, heart warming, life changing stories about the hair business . And I am also a forever learning ,book worm, open minded highly spiritual person that can give and receive messages from the other side. This journey is amazing and changes daily. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. And within the next few days I will start to tell my story. I’m excited because I knew something was going to come into my life to change things a bit, my gut tells me that change starts here. I look forward to meeting and chatting with new people and to start this chapter in my life.